HIV Prevention Research

Grant: 5T32MH08063415 (Pi: Pamina Gorbach and Judith Currier)

Overview: The goal of our training program was to prepare physicians and social/behavioral scientists for academic research
careers focused on Global HIV/AIDS Prevention.The aims are to increase:

  • Behavioral measurement research skills in qualitative and quantitative methods through coursework (regular and
    short courses); especially for MD trainees who may do so as part of securing a
    master’s degree or PhD;
  • Skills in the application of biomarkers as measurement tools and how to integrate use with behavioral measures
    through coursework and special trainings; especially for PhD’s in behavioral
    sciences, public health, and public policy;
  • Opportunities for field experience in global HIV/AIDS research;
  •  Participation in research projects involving multi-disciplinary teams of investigators that model how biobehavioral
    research successfully functions between seasoned researchers from behavioral
    and biomedical fields and within research networks or programs in team science approaches;
  • Collection of pilot data for primary research study planning;
  • Secondary data analyses from mentor’s studies or collaborations leading to publications;
  • Training in rigor and responsibility as it applies to research methods and practices;
  • Support for research dissemination including presentations at major scientific conferences and publishing as a first author in leading scientific journals; and
  • Training in applying for funding from the NIH or other agencies to use in a first faculty or research position

Funder: National Institute of Mental Health